Interview with Mr Nguyen Duc Thanh - Part 8

Stories that you always remember about Tanimex-LA and CasNa?

I will never forget the first day we started Tanimex-LA – 15/01/1998. 4 members in the family could only get 650 mil VND. I put in 40%, and the others 3 put 20% each. The fund was not even enough to buy the land, not to mention about machinery and material. Everything was borrowed, everything was just exactly the same when I started at LAFOOCO. The only difference was I had some experience and I did not have to learn the job like in 1989.

And CasNa, it’s quite a story when we tried to come up with a name for the brand. We wanted to use something which is easy to remember and everyone can pronounce it. Although it is a name for local market, I also wanted foreign customers to be able to pronounce it. Leader of the project at that time – Miss Nhung – took the idea related to natural and fresh cashew. Then we thought about “Natural Cashew”. In short it is NaCas. But it did not sound right. Hence, we reversed the name into CasNa. It sounded ok but the name was pretty controversial since “NaCas” is more appropriate than “CasNa”, I mean, in English. But we kept CasNa anyway as if it sounds better then it is better. When my staff marketed this brand at local expos, conferences, and conventions, most of the times we were asked why it is CasNa not NaCas. However, since we had many customers questioning about the name, we had more chances to engage and get to know them better. It’s a good thing in my opinion.