Tanimex-LA - Operation during COVID-19 Pandemic

In order to maintain good health and safety for our staff, C&N has formed a "Covid-19 Prevention" team. The team is responsible for delivering methods to the staff to protect themselves and prevent from being affected by Covid-19. Every morning, the team will check body temperature of coming staff and spray disinfection liquid. Only staff with healthy body temperature are allowed to get to their position. This to prevent and limit the possibility of infection to the maximum.

Announcement of forming the "Covid-19 Prevention" team.

Body temperature check every morning.

Guests visiting C&N are required to use the disinfection liquid and filling the form to confirm they not having any symptoms related to Covid-19. Then they are allowed to proceed.

On 28th Mar 2020, the Department of Health had sent their experts to C&N to conduct disinfection treatment all the offices and the whole factory.

The factory is being disinfection treated.

All tables, trays, conveyors are carefully treated.

Ensuring our staff's health and safety during Covid-19 is the most prioritised responsibility. Thank you for trusting us and strictly conducting the prevention methods to work with safety and peace of mind.