An interview with Mr Nguyen Duc Thanh - Part 4

What do you think about the role of cashew in domestic market, compared to other typical agriculture industries?

At the moment, Vietnamese consumers do not pay as much attention to cashews as they do for other products such as fruits, tea or coffee. And it’s easy to understand because cashew products range is still humble. Marketing campaigns from VINACAS or enterprises are still inadequate. And the point is that we haven’t been able to change Vietnamese consumers’ behaviour. However, recently, Vietnamese consumers start paying more attention about cashew products, especially Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh cities.

When I was in charge in VINACAS, I shared with newspaper reporters that if Vietnamese consumers do not consume cashews, they would miss their privilege. The reason is that cashew domestic price is only at 30% of international price. Moreover, cashew products pack a lot of nutrition and its very good for consumers’ health. I strongly believe consumers will realise this. And it’s also important that the cashew processors must provide healthy, tasty products with good looking packaging. And of course, food hygiene is a must.

In the next 10 years, would you think that the role of cashew changes dramatically?

I would say it stays the same, internationally. But the case would be different in Vietnam. On Vietnam Agriculture newspaper, I forecasted in the next 10 years, the domestic production capacity is only enough for domestic consumption. It means that local market would demand 100 thousand tonnes of cashew snacks and flavoured cashews, revenue would reach about 1 billion USD per annum.