Interview with Mr Nguyen Duc Thanh - Part 12

In your opinion, what makes a sustainable industry and enterprises?

It’s a good question. I think:

For enterprises:
• You must be honest, especially with customers.
• Participate in the supply chain as much as possible.
• Must make a difference for enterprises and products. Must make new added-value to enterprise.
• Must relentlessly make improvement and innovation in management and human resources.
• Must work for all: for community, employees, consumers, customers, etc.
• Take and give at the right time and right place.

It is similar with the cashew industry, to grow sustainably, there some challenges which we must tackle:
• Inadequate of material.
• The problem of linking the supply chain.
• Continuously improve technology, widening product range, stimulate domestic demand and commercial trade.
• Pushing commercial cooperation between CFC, Laos, Western African countries according to selective projects and programs with prioritization. It must be appropriate with our conditions and demands from our partners.
• There must be particular policies and programs to develop and protect the Vietnam cashew trademark.