Interview with Mr Nguyen Duc Thanh - Part 5

What is the reason for you and your team to write up “My lovely cashew!”?

“My lovely cashew!” is the book that I have been thinking about writing up for a long time. As you know, Vietnam cashew industry has got some remarkable and impressive achievements. In order to get those, would you agree with me that there have to be particular people working on particular projects? But only a few books talking about them. And even if we have some, most of them focus on explaining or instructing growing techniques or planning and processing technologies. I want to have a book that recognise those people’s dedication for the industry. They are the farmers, technicians and engineers, managers and entrepreneurs. I really do not want their stories faded into oblivion. “My lovely cashew!” is a token of our gratitude to the people who devoted their whole lives for the cashew industry.

While writing up the book, what advantages and disadvantages did you have?

Basically, the progress went smoothly as I have 28 years of working in the industry and at VINACAS. I have close relationships with many well-known people. I observed or participated directly in many programs, events of cashew industry. Also, I learnt many stories of success and failure from my colleagues.

However, I did have many difficulties when working on the book still. It’s hard to get to know, to be told or to verify some particular information, works or decisions of some persons in the book. This is because some of them have deceased or not being well enough. I ask for your understandings if I missed anyone or not completely told the stories of you