Interview with Mr Nguyen Duc Thanh - Part 7

With your brand – CasNa, what would you like to tell the consumers?

CasNa is still a young brand. But we are receiving increasingly support, attention and trust from our customers, in the recent years. We have a huge honour to win rewards in the industry, and receive market’s acceptance at the same time. Tanimex-LA and myself are joyful and we thank you all very much.

We commit seriously the previously mentioned principles of “5 No” and “3 Do”. CasNa always moves toward to the foundational values of life - the health of consumers. If it is food, it must be safe, hygienic, tasty and healthy. I think it is an ultimate truth. And consumers can absolutely put your trust on CasNa for this.

And besides the health of consumers, we always care and do our best to support other stakeholders in the supply chain. They are Vietnamese farmers sweating on their lands, technicians and engineers, workforce in factories and the environment around us. Trusting and supporting Casna is supporting them. Thank you.