Interview with Mr Nguyen Duc Thanh - Part 9

Ok, we get to VINACAS now. How long have you worked in VINACAS, sir?

In “My lovely cashew!”, I also said that I started at VINACAS since 1990 when it was established to 2018 continuously. I joined under different positions, did a variety of jobs at VINACAS.

What is the role of VINACAS to Vietnam cashew industry, in your opinion?

VINACAS holds a special role in Vietnam cashew industry. According to the regulations, VINACAS is an industry-related social organization, represents the farmers, processors, related service providers, scientists, enterprises. However, the processors who import and export cashews play the most significant role in this group.

Now, VINACAS also acts as a forum and platform which stimulates commercial and co-operating activities domestically and internationally. VINACAS is doing well in my opinion. But it needs to do even better to accomplish the mission of leading the “number one” industry in the world.